Water Tower Inspections

Does your town have a water tower that needs to be inspected?

When was the last time it was inspected?

 Water tower storage structures serve an important role for our local communities and a safety roll for Fire Protection to pressurizing a water distribution system.

Drone Water Storage Tower Inspections can save your budget potentially thousands of dollars per site inspection.

Falcon Drone Imagery can help you to get an aerial view and provide you with level 1 inspection using a drone. Mitigate your risk and provide you with important information.

Drone inspections are safe and performed correctly can provide valuable information to note deficiencies.


Key inspection Elements:

  • Vent structure
  • Screen tears or damage
  • Overflows
  • Access Points
  • Visual check of ladder and safety accessories
  • Structural surface integrity


Water Tower Inspection Flights include:

  • 3D Map of site
  • Digital Images
  • 4K Video


Contact Falcon Drone Imagery for more information about Water Tower Aerial Inspections today @ 860.268.6890