Roof Inspections

Conventional Roof inspections previously done using a ladder, from ground level or by physical walking the roof area are certainly the best method of performing a roof inspection. There are times where walking a steep pitched roof or walking on various roofing materials that present a higher level of difficulty to visual see and walk the roof line.  Today’s drone technology allows for an alternative method to gain this information at a fraction of the time. Your roof inspection will not only give you or your client a bird’s eye view, it will also provide you with aerial high resolution images that you can use to share with your client to leverage your sale and aid in the office when you have any questions on the roof you inspected. This will save you time and prevent you from revisiting the site.

One of the most cost effective benefits of using a drone as part of your roof inspection, is that you can you can save time visiting multiple sites in one day. Falcon Drone Imagery can work with you or your company to visit your clients property and gather roof images. Another advantage of hiring Falcon Drone Imagery is that I will record a 2D roofing model.

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