Real Estate Video Tours

Are you a Realtor looking for the edge in marking your next property?

In today’s competitive property market, timing is everything. Getting your property listed is a great first step. Many potential buyers are looking at property listings throughout the day, from work, and at all hours of the day! Video tours provide a 24/7 open house without seller inconvenience and scheduling. Buyers can experience the exterior views and interior floor plan from the comfort of their homes. Agents can show more properties in less time.

Property video tours not only show the property listing, but they also show the little niche areas as well!
Prospecting buyers are interested in property proximity to walking trails, parks, schools, and shopping, and more.

Power listings need to capture prospecting buyer’s attention and are proven to generate calls to listing agents. This may be a strategy in marketing your next scenic or luxury listing.
Real Estate Video Tours can highlight luxury finishes, Spas, Pools, and waterfront or water view locations.

The use of Social Marketing and sharing is where Real Estate Video Tours can quickly assist you in building your brand and agent credibility.
Real Estate Video Tours are a valuable visual media. Think about the prospecting buyers from out-of-State looking to relocate or in pursuit of a second property or Vacation property.

Benefits include;

  • No seller inconveniences.
  • No appointments to schedule between agents.
  • Agents are able to show your listing 24/7 to prospecting buyers.
  • Better agent / client time utilization.
  • Get more instant feedback.
  • Drive higher closing sales.