Welcome to FDI Digital Media Post Production Services.
Here’s where the raw digital recorded footage gets uploaded into our  Black Magic Davinci Resolve suit and the editing process begins!
It’s the art of creating and telling a story. Here, all the video is previewed and edited. Part of the post production process is composing each clip to tell its story.
The second part in the post-production process is to color grade each section.  Next are Title designs, Choosing your underscore audio track, Transitions to blend each video clip and off to the final phase, Rendering and formatting your media.

Vimeo cloud, is a non-branded video player great for web media and social media platforms.

Benefits include:

  • Content control
  • 100% video quality. (no bump downs compared to other mainstream providers)
  • No branding
  • No Ads will be displayed or played during your media

*Vimeo player is a paid per month subscription. To learn more, please visit their site.

Here are a few samples of our latest business spots used for Facebook and other social media.
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