Church Steeple Inspection Service

The challenge of getting the best vantage point to inspect a Church steeple is one that was done using a pair of binoculars from ground level or from another vantage point.
These types of inspections are limited by height, visual impairments and lighting .

Falcon Drone Imagery can narrow this gap by providing a bird’s eye view using a drone. I can provide you with images that will provide for a closer steeple inspection.
As part of the inspection process, A 3D Map will provide you with a 3 dimensional view. This map can easily be manipulated and provide additional inspection point angles.

Benefits of Steeple inspections:

  • Cost effective
  • Mitigate hazardous means to gather information.
  • Provide you with visual data of the inspection for reports.
  • Digital format that can be easily achieved for a future reference.